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   Sporting Chance International has been running football tournaments for a number of years during school holidays in April, August and December. This is intended to keep the children and youths from school busy as they have plenty of pare time during school holidays but nothing to do, creating a vacuum that can be filled in various negative ways. The tournaments bring together boys and girls aged between 12 and 23 years and sometimes coincides with visits by team members from the UK.

   This may be the only competitive football the girls and boys play. They love to have a simple trophy to play for. They are so overwhelmed by the kits they receive. We want to continue to make these tournaments happen as they are a simple but very effective way of intervening in the lives of whole communities. We try to run as many as funds allow.

   SCI runs two sports academies namely the NorthGate Sports Academy located at NorthGate School in Nairobi and Mumias Sports Academy, located at Lubinu Primary School in Mumias. While football was the key ingredient during the early years of SCI, this has grown to include other sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Lacrosse, Chess, Pool, etc


   We identify and support needy and bright children in our communities to access educational opportunities right from primary through to secondary and college/university. Currently we have two children in primary school, four in secondary school and one will be joining college soon. We also help build classrooms and other facilities in schools. The SCI Ebenezer Nursery School opened its doors to pupils in 2013 and was built by SCI through the generosity of UK donations.

Global volunteering

   SCI runs a global volunteering program, and through partnerships with charities such as Tearfund and other organizations around the world, we receive volunteers throughout the year visiting for short term periods as gap year students, families, youth groups, church groups or individuals. Some of the stuff they do during their trips includes; teaching, sports coaching, building projects, assisting in hospitals, schools, orphanages and participating in our health, hygiene and environment awareness programs etc.

 Health, hygiene and environment


   Jiggers are a big menace in many rural villages in Africa. The jiggers burrow in the toes and fingers of both the young and the old. For the young people, in hinders them to walk to school, put on shoes or even enjoy playing their beautiful game while for the old, it immobilizes them, preventing them from movement to look for food for their families, thus making them become stigmatized by the community. SCI conducts jigger treatment camps/clinics in collaboration with local hospitals where we treat those infested with the jiggers.


   SCI endeavour to hand out sanitary pads to girls in schools in rural areas who participate in our football tournaments. However, we are often unable to afford sanitary pads due to poverty. It has been observed that such girls will miss school 3 to 4 days every month during their menses because of lack of sanitary pads.


   Most of the football teams use pitches on school grounds. In return they undertake community service such as tree planting on the school grounds. This provides firewood and, in the long term, shade for the children.  As well as being involved in community service, registered players will be expected to take an HIV/AIDS test at the local clinic.

  It is a known fact that men who are tested negative will immediately take stock and reform their life styles where necessary. The stigma of AIDS is being eroded. Players would also invite their partners to be tested.