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    Sporting Chance International is proud and excited about the work accomplished over a number of years. Many people have benefited, many have helped. If you would like to know more about becoming a partner of SCI and find out how this will promote your organisation or business, we would love to speak with you.


Please contact us: Email: info@sportingchanceinternational.org.uk



SCI - Friends Initiative


   We are justifiably proud of the difference we are making in communities across Kenya. Becoming a SCI-FI would give you an opportunity to add your passion and energy to this growing success story.


   Sporting Chance International is clear in its vision. We are seeking to help young, disadvantaged people improve their circumstances and potential future, largely through the benefits of being involved in sport and education. Our achievements so far give testimony to the way in which this strengthens and enriches the whole community.


   Whether you envisage coming to Africa to see the work for yourself, or are happy to support the work from anywhere in the world, you can be assured that you will be helping to improve many lives.


   Key to our continued success is raising awareness and funds. There are a number of projects in Kenya which need regular financial input if they are to be sustained. Most are already happening and need continued funding.


   These include:

  • Two sports academies each with 60 boys and girls in Nairobi & Mumias (Western Kenya).
  • Regular football tournaments (held in April, August & December every year).
  • A scholarship program to put children and youths through school (primary to college)
  • Health, Hygiene & Environment programs

Your commitment


St Andrew's Church, Woking team who visited through the Tearfund Partnership in 2014


   Being a SCI-FI is simple. You commit to raising a sum of money over the next 12 months. Having a figure in mind from the outset enables you to set a target and aspire to achieving it. This will help us assess how well we will be meeting our overall budget targets for the year. You will have the help and support of the rest of the SCI team. Indeed you will be an integral part of the team. It could be you that helps others in their goal.


   How much you think you can fund raise is entirely up to you and we won’t be holding you to your original target. In any case, you may be surprised and surpass it in much less than a year!


   Start as soon as you like. If you need any help or more information please do not hesitate to contact us.